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IntelliSound: The Sound Solution For The Health Care Industry

You are a successful medical practice, clinic or hospital. Consequentially, there are times when you're forced to put people on-hold. It's simply unavoidable. But that doesn't mean it has to be an unpleasant experience for them. At IntelliSound, we can turn on-hold time into an informative experience for both patients and referring physicians.

While on-hold, patients and referring physicians can learn important information about your organization, from basic information like where you're located and what your office hours are to information like introducing a new physician or announcing your latest website launch.

We work with over 1,100 medical practices, clinics and hospitals across the nation, and they've discovered that by using their on-hold productively--supplying vital and meaningful information to their patients--it not only enhances the quality of their patient's healthcare experience, it also reduces the amount of time their staff spends on the phone answering basic questions. That means greater profitability.

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Does your service work on my phone system?

Most systems have music on hold capability. If you currently have a radio, CD player, or other music source in place, then you're all set.

Who writes the script?

We do. But, if you prefer, we'll gladly accept 'talent-ready' copy. ('Talent-ready copy is pre-approved copy that is ready to be recorded by our voice talent.) If you'd like, we can even arrange for one of our copywriters to call you and gather information to be used in the script. Or we can even use information found on your website. You will have absolute final approval on all copy before it goes into production.

How often do we change the messages?

98% of our healthcare clients are on a quarterly service plan. We also offer Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Semi- Annual plans: We can also handle special requests.

How long does my free trial last?

Because most medical practices handle hundreds of calls daily, you should know in a few weeks if our service is right for your practice.

What is the cost of your service?

The cost is around $1,000 per year, plus there is also a one-time equipment cost.