First Impressions Are Everything

You're a professional. You've worked hard to ensure that every aspect of your business reflects the proper professional image, right down to your letterhead.

What about your telephone audio image? What do your callers hear when you put them on-hold? For many people, that is their first impression of your business--and first impressions are lasting ones. If they hear screaming DJ's, poorly recorded or out-of-date messages, or worse--silence--then all of that hard work you've put into creating your business image could be at risk.

Try an experiment

Call your organization and have yourself put on hold. What do you hear? Do you like it? What does your audio image tell your callers about you? If you don't like what you hear on-hold, then hang up and call us. We want to hear from you.

At IntelliSound, we have only one goal: to provide you with a telephone audio solution that will project the proper image. We use award-winning copywriters, professional voice talent, and state-of-the-art technology, so we're able to guarantee that what your callers hear on-hold is what you want them to hear; that the messaging is always kept up to date, always clear, and always professional. Just like you.

Our turnkey, responsive, hassle-free service means that you can focus on what you know best: your business. Friendly and knowledgeable service, leading technology, and total ease of use--that's what makes IntelliSound the intelligent sound solution for all of your telephony and web-based application needs.


Let Us Fix Your On Hold Messaging.

No one likes to be put on hold, but sometimes it can't be avoided. At IntelliSound, for more than 16 years, we've worked with thousands of healthcare clients to provide them with timely, custom on hold messaging unique to their practice.

We understand that your time is valuable. We have built our reputation as a full service partner you can depend on to handle all the details of your on hold messaging and music for you! If you would like to test out our service, complete the form below and we'll work up a free custom message unique to your practice!

We make it quick. We make it easy and we make you sound great!