Healthcare Message On Hold Service

This is our core market working with over 1500 hospitals, physician group practices, and surgery centers in all 50 states. Introduce new physicians, promote use of the patient portal, insurance reminders, and promote ancillary services. Pricing for a single location facility generally runs between $795-$1300 annually and includes message updates and holiday programming. We offer significant discounts for multi-site locations. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

Non-Healthcare Message On Hold Service

Any business that has significant phone activity that results in callers being placed On Hold warrants IntelliSound. Some of the industries we service include hotels, building materials, veterinary hospitals, and auto dealerships.

Phone Tree Recordings

Phone Tree recordings are different than the recordings heard when placed On Hold. This is the recording callers hear when the phone system answers the call and directs to the proper extension (appointment scheduling, billing, medical records, ect.).

We will make sure the sound quality is consistent with your On Hold recording. Pricing starts at $325.

Telephone dial pad
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